Dog Bites, Narrated by Mark Ashby

Rico--AudibleMcSweeney’s is a literary journal based in San Francisco. In this piece by Ricardo Nuila, a hypochondriac doctor cares for his son.


Reading at Bread Loaf

Bread_Loaf_Writers_ConferenceRicardo reads the first part of his story “Mort Naturelle” at the Tuition Scholars’ Reading in the Barn.


Storytelling, TEDxRiceU


Explore the Space Show

Rico--Explore the Space Show

Conversations about end of life care are never easy, whether it’s about you, your loved one, or your patient. Dr. Ricardo Nuila joins us to consider these difficult but vital discussions, as well as his recent article on the subject at The

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Houston Public Media

Houston physician Dr. Ricardo Nuila draws on his medical career at Ben Taub hospital to animate his short stories and published essays.